Czech Republic

Czech Republic

  OS CapacityPro, s.r.o.





U první baterie 2, 162 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic

+420 734 767 500

+420 220 571 247

How will you find us?

If you travel by tram, please get off at the stop "Baterie" (tram no. 1, 2, 18), then cross the street to the pension Chaloupka, walk around it and then turn left, walk up the lane between the houses. After approx. 50 meters you will find the steps on the right side, walk them up, then cross the street "U šesté baterie", go straight along the houses, with a park on your left. Then cross the street "U páté baterie", which is on the right, next street on the right is already "U první baterie", the first house on the right is our office.

If you travel by your car, you can always park close to our office comfortably.